Comprehensive Project Management Services

Is your organization faced with any of the following questions?


How do you get started?

What should you "ASK" for?  When?  How much?

Can you go after more than one incentive program?

What would be your best source of financing?

How do you make sure that you comply with all the rules?

Strategus can assist with answering these questions and develop a turnkey plan designed and implemented to make your project a reality!

Access to Strategus will be to your advantage when you are considering one of the following a "Triggering Event":

  • Capital investment (e.g. new building expansion, new equipment, building acquisition, building restoration, environmental remediation, infrastructure)
  • Adding jobs to expand your workforce.
  • Workforce training initiatives
  • Relocating, expanding or consolidating operations.
  • Relocating a business headquarters.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Building lease negotiations.
  • Location closure.
  • Research and development investment.
  • Energy efficiency / renewable energy project investment.
  • Brownfield clean-up investment.
  • Project infrastructure investment.
  • Rural Economic Development.
Strategus works alongside your team to educate and develop a successful strategy for project implementation and compliance. 

We get on board early to jump start your project at the initial due diligence planning stage to find the lower cost options.  Our objective is to maximize your resources through the entire project lifecycle! 

Things you should know about Strategus:

  • We will serve as your advocate from concept through compliance.
  • We have a seasoned team that has the creativity and innovation to guide you on a successful path to meet your unique project goals.
  • We know what, when and how to develop the "ASK".
  • Our experience contributes to overall flexibility, understanding and ability to negotiate with various levels of government and traditional/nontraditional sources to help initiate your project from the start through compliance.
  • We have the creativity and innovation needed to stack several different types of sources into a consolidated innovative financing and incentives package that is tailored to meet your needs.
  • We have the knowledge and experience to implement the complex and assure compliance through the entire project lifecycle.
  • We seek to do what we do in a cost effective and time sensitive manner.
At Strategus, we also have the ability to reach out to our external expertise partners on an as needed basis to assist with questions related to real estate, tax, environmental, corporate structure, private equity, tax planning,  mergers and acquisitions. We often provide recommendations to key players that might be needed to be included in your project such as surveyors, engineers, architects, contractors and accountants.
Not every resource needs to be involved full time but the ability to pull the high level of seasoned experts quickly in and out with a clear scope can allow your organization to maximize or speed up your financing and/or allocation of incentives.  
Strategus will be with you every step of the way to ensure a successful project.

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