Types of Project Experience

Opportunity Zones

Economic Development

  • Ag Port Development
  • Chemical Processing Facilities
  • Community College Facilities (classroom, office lab, culinary arts and corporate training
  • Convention Facilities
  • Corporate Headquarter Relocation
  • Disabled Assisted Living Affordable Housing
  • Elderly Assisted Living Affordable Housing
  • Fertilizer Processing Facilities
  • FTZ Destinations
  • Gasket Manufacturing Facilities
  • Historic Adaptive Reuse Projects
  • Hotel Water Park Facilities
  • Lighting Manufacturer located in Tribal Land
  • Medical Office and Specialty Treatment Facilities
  • Mixed Use (various combinations of office, retail, data storage, student housing and affordable housing)
  • Paper Plate Manufacturing Facilities
  • Port Authority Creations Development
  • Race Track and Racino Facilities
  • Riverboat, Hotel and Convention Facilities
  • RV Park in Tribal Land
  • State Office Buildings
  • Wind Turbine Component Part Manufacturing Facility
  • Workforce Training Program Funding
  • YMCA Community Fitness and Wellness Facilities


  • Brownfields Remediation Related to Historic Property Reuse for Housing
  • Historic Reused for Housing
  • Elderly Assisted Living Affordable Housing 
  • Disabled Assisted Living Affordable Housing
  • Elderly Independent Housing
  • Homeownership Zone Designations

Rural Development / Agriculture

  • Biogas and CNG Fuel Stations
  • CNG Truck Funding
  • Anaerobic Digesters
  • AG Welcome Centers
  • Fertilizer Processing Facilities
  • Ag Port Development
  • Salt Distribution Center

Transportation and Infrastructure

  • New Interstate Interchanges
  • Corridor Expansion
  • Biogas and CNG Fuel Stations
  • Rural Greenfield Roads
  • Water and Sewer Plants 
  • Sewer Extensions
  • Rail Extensions
  • Procurement for Large Infrastructure Project
  • P3 Transportations Projects
  • Corridor Designations
  • Drainage and Flood Control
  • Renewable Energy Project
  • Rail Expansions
  • Airport Runway Extension
  • New Start-up Airline Approval
  • Mass Transit Facilities
  • Broadband Expansion 
  • Environmental Impact Statement Funding for Mega Bridge Project

Local Government

  • Federal Designations
  • FEMA Applications and Appeals 
  • New Corridors
  • State Highway Relinquishment to Local Roads
  • Brownfield Redevelopment for Historic Reuse for City Hall
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